K. Sparks aka Kyle Andre Hunter: musician, lyricist, performer, griot, futurist marketeer, entrepreneurial businessman, has written over 1000 songs. As the CEO of Rhythm Couture globally working with an eclectic mix of exceptionally talented musicians and producers. He has favorably impacted, shifted the music product placement paradigm. Rhythm Couture https://www.rhythmcouture.com/ “When your message and the music really matters.”


The Journey

K. Sparks was raised by his parents in South Jamaica Queens, New York. They instilled the values of integrity and hard work within him. He started performing in various talent venues (artists showcases, spoken word lounges, music festivals) and created a buzz for himself within New York City. After releasing several projects and selling them independently, he began to record and write for numerous recording artists shopping songs to various record labels. His music eventually caught the attention of DJ/Radio Personality Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 in NYC, and Jenny Boom from Hot 93.7 in CT which generated radio play in both markets. K. Sparks proceeded to collaborate with fellow emcee Kid Cudi to create his “Take Em High” single which generated significant buzz within the blogosphere increasing his popularity even more. 


Highlights & Achievements 

Music placement in the 50 Cent hit television series POWERMTV Mixtape MondaysMonster Energy, Powerade (Lebron James Campaign), Calvin KleinMarie ClaireVANSForever 21The New York TimesDJ Envy (Audio Uprising), Nick Cannon (Wild Style Champs), BET Artist of the month, featured in The Source MagazineokayplayerHipHopDXDJ Booth2 Dopeboyz, All Hip HopNah Right, Nominated for the DJ Booth Best New Artist Independent and won first place. Nominated for the DJ Booth Best Hip-Hop Record Independent.



Rhythm Couture which presently has a roster of 40 international musicians. These musicians span the globe from various countries such as Spain, France, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Belarus, China, Mexico, and other countries; also music placement entities: Audiosocket located in Seattle Washington and Israel; and SoStereo, based in Miami Florida. 


Analytics, Data & Audience                                                                       

Spotify 6,217,100 Streams

Soundcloud 1,154,521 Stream

Apple Music 1,014,115 Streams

Countries - United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Jakarta, Canada, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Italy, South Africa, Norway, Spain, Poland, Ireland, China Mainland, Turkey, India, Belgium, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Ghana, Colombia, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Kuwait, Indonesia, Bermuda, Chile, Egypt, Greece, Latvia, Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica, Honduras + More.



New Release Today (03/11/2016):  "He's worked with mainstream artist Kid Cudi, had his music propel brands like Monster Energy, and Lebron James, and has had more than a million streams of his music heard online. But you probably haven't heard of N.Y.’s Queens K. Sparks--just the way he wants it."

Dawn Annerson, digital publication No Depression (02/15/2016): "KSparks is a distinct voice, and Hip Hop could always use distinction. The Queens NY native comes from the same environment as 50 Cent, and The Lost Boyz but judging by his content there’s little-to-no link to his hometown’s gangster content in his music. Instead, Sparks is a lyricist that tells stories almost reminiscent of Slick Rick, all the while adapting flows to fit each song with double entendres."

Respect Magazine (07/15/2020): "From Hip Hop Musician, Ghost Writer, and CEO, K. Sparks Successful Journey Will Push You To Give Your Best."

Magnetic Magazine (04/15/2020): "RhythmCouture is a company that looks to make those connections, specializing in music production for ads, television, and film. They boast a diverse roster of producers, composers, singers and rappers with placements in The New York Times, Netflix, Calvin Klein, VANS, Forever 21, Les Mills and elsewhere. We decided to chat with Rhythm Couture CEO Kyle Hunter for a new Industry Insider feature and go into the importance of insurance, how to best get a sync and more."

Mark Ryan, digital publication New Release Tuesday (02/18/2016): "K. Sparks album 'Seasons Theme' is the closest thing to a concept piece I've ever heard. As it moves through spring, summer, fall and winter, your ears are treated to a variety of sights and sounds, the same variety and changing landscapes that one would experience in a full year. There is an impressive amount of cleverly used samples, old school turntablism and a variety of jazz styles on display. The beats groove and the lyrics flow with ease."


K. Sparks Discography                                                                               

Studio Albums:

  • The Future Problem Vol 2 (07/28/2006)

  • The Future Problem Vol 3 (12/06/2006)

  • Definition (09/28/2008)

  • The Blue Tape (03/12/2008)

  • Hip Hop 101 (07/23/2008)

  • Take Em High feat. KiD CuDi (09/24/2008)

  • The Red Tape (04/09/2009)

  • Queens vs Brooklyn (08/02/2009)

  • Super Senior (10/25/2009)

  • Soul Food (12/19/2009)

  • The Trilogy Chapter 1 (07/08/2010)

  • The Trilogy Chapter 2 (09/262010)

  • The Trilogy Chapter 3 (11/17/2010)

  • Tomorrow Today (04/05/2011)

  • Positive Over Negative (04/30/2011)

  • A Day in the Life (09/04/2011)

  • A Day in the Life Kurser Remix Suite (11/22/2011)

  • September Lounge (07/09/2012)

  • Read Between The Lines (12/05/2012)

  • Self-Portrait (07/02/2013)

  • Vintage Art (08/23/2014)

  • The Blue Tape 2 (02/20/2014)

  • Seasons Theme (02/26/2016)

  • The Black Cassette (01/03/2017)

  • Gold (04/05/2017)

  • Urban Couture (10/15/2017)

  • Note to Self (11/01/ 2018)

  • Distant Relatives (11/22/2019) 

  • 1999 (09/28/2020)